oap81: Crowley's Corner by Vivian C. Lermond

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Summary Performance History

2001 - Irish Theatre Project, Columbus, Ohio
"Appealingly Unpretentious ..." Columbus Dispatch

The play received an additional local production in 2003 at The Dublin (Ohio) Irish Festival - the largest festival of its kind in the USA.


Script Notes-


When his rental car breaks down and he is stuck in desolate Dingle, Ireland, one uptight Yank finds himself on an uncharted course that leads to self-discovery.

The Cast List

Grace OíMalley
50ís - 60ís, pub owner
Jack Conlin
20ís - 30ís, uptight American
Young Martin
50ís - 60ís, pub regular
middle-aged, pub regular
middle-aged, a fiddle player