oap77: Circle of Grief by JJ Flowers

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Manhattan Reperatory Theatre

From the Author -

Briefly: I have written a bunch of historical romance novels (Avon Books, Zebra Books,) many of which actually won awards and one of these awards was almost considered prestigious. I finally stopped being able to write these novels when I began having fantasies of killing off my heroines—in really dreadful ways. I have also written five screenplays (optioned at Warner Bros., Julian Krainin Productions, Bright Light Pictures among others; I suspect I hold the record for most amount of options!)
From the Author (Continued)-

Two of my screenplays have received excellent coverage: The Good Fight, Clarence Darrow’s most compelling case where he successfully defended an African American physician who was falsely accused of murder and a two part miniseries Harriet Tubman: Let My People Go.


Circle of Grief is a short play about group bereavement therapy lead by Merry, a former psychologist and now new age spiritualist. It explores the messy human issues that often complicate the grief ‘process’. Did I mention it is a comedy?

The Cast List

Female, Asian, age 35-70, therapist leader and new age spiritualist.
Male, any ethnicity, age 50-60, widower
Female, black, 30-40, physician
Female, any ethnicity, 20 something.
Male, any ethnicity, 30-40.